I have a TwinCAT PLC project with events. When I first added the event classes they were stored in the .tsproj file. For source control purposes I moved these events to separate .tmc files.

When the events are moved to the new .tmc file they are not formatted as they were in the .tsproj file. In the .tmc file all events are on a single line. How can I make sure TwinCAT formats the events in a more human and source control friendly way with line breaks? I'm using TwinCAT 4022.29.

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You can try to upgrade to TwinCAT 4024. Event tmc files are correctly formatted in TwinCAT 4024.12 and maybe also versions < 4024.12.

For 4022.x they are unfortunately always formatted on a single line. If you want to have them nicely formatted, you can use a formatter such as the Sublime plugin Indent XML.

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