I am developing a fully native application in using C++ and pure CMake as the build system - no Android Studio involved at all (proof of concept here)

The code builds, apk is generated and can be installed and run via ADB without issue but I cannot get gdbserver64 to attach to the process for debugging.

More details:

  • App is built against SDK/NDK API level 30
  • Attempting to debug on an Android 11 emulator instance without Google Play
  • I can run adb root just fine
  • Image already includes gdbserver and gdbserver64, attempting to use those
  • Developer options and USB debugging enebled in emulator
  • App has android:debuggable="true" in manifest

But every time I try gdbserver64 :5039 --attach $(pidof my.app.id)

I get /bin/sh: <app_pid>: inaccessible or not found

What am I missing? And no, I cannot just move to Android Studio - this is a cross platform project that needs to be buildable using only CMake.


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According to my observation, this may be a bug of prebuilt gdbserver. It treats the parameter after --attach as a program name and tries to start it.


It's not really an answer, but in similar configuration to yours I got same error message and unable to overcome this. For me, switching to lldb helped, see e.g.


Ran into same issue. So I started gdbserver64 in multi mode, then was able to attach certain process from client side.

Run app in Android Virtual Device and determine PID

 $ adb shell am start -n org.gradle.samples/.MainActivity
 $ adb shell ps | grep "org.gradle.samples"
 u0_a132        3341    258 12955920 158336 0                  0 S org.gradle.samples

Start gdbserver

 1|generic_x86_64:/ # gdbserver64 --multi :8700                                                                                               
 Listening on port 8700

Enable adb port forwarding:

 $ adb forward tcp:8700 tcp:8700 
 $ adb forward --list
 emulator-5554 tcp:8700 tcp:8700

Execute GDB (use $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/ndk/<version>/ndk_gdb) and connect to gdbserver.

 $ gdb
 GNU gdb (Debian 10.1-1.7)
 For help, type "help".
 Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to "word".
 (gdb) target extended-remote
 Remote debugging using

gdbserver confirmed that connection is established

 1|generic_x86_64:/ # gdbserver64 --multi :8700                                                                                             
 Listening on port 8700
 Remote debugging from host, port 41111

Back to gdb shell I attached debugger to process:

 (gdb) attach 3341 

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