I am working on an app and placed some native ads. All things are working fine but code is not show Adchoice icon i tried with different side value but still not working and is it mandatory to use adchoice icon for native ads or i can just leave it .................

//Admob Ads
implementation 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-ads:20.2.0'

   //Nativ ads Code
   object NativeAds {

fun intializeNativeAds(context: Context, unitId: String, template: TemplateView): AdLoader{

    val videoOptions = VideoOptions.Builder()

    val adOptions = NativeAdOptions.Builder()

    val adLoaded = AdLoader.Builder(context, unitId).forNativeAd {
       val nativeAds  =  it

     val   mediaContent = nativeAds.mediaContent

        if(mediaContent!=null  && mediaContent.hasVideoContent()){

            println("Vide is availble ")

            mediaContent.videoController.videoLifecycleCallbacks = object : VideoController.VideoLifecycleCallbacks(){

                override fun onVideoStart() {

                println("Started ")

                override fun onVideoPlay() {
                println("Play ")

                override fun onVideoPause() {

                override fun onVideoEnd() {



    }.withNativeAdOptions(adOptions).withAdListener(object : AdListener(){
        override fun onAdFailedToLoad(loadError: LoadAdError) {
            println("Failure to Load "+ loadError.message )
    return adLoaded.build()


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If your implementation is correct the adChoices will be shown in case you have a real advertisement and not during the tests. You will simply have to publish the app, use the correct and non-test codes and you will see that it will appear


Ad_choices_icon is automatically added by Admob, you don't have to add it. You can only change its position.

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