I started learning about discord.js, but now I am facing this issue. I tried some googling, but I couldn't manage to fix it.

const Discord = require('discord.js');
// const Discord = require('discord.js');

// Using Intents class
const client = new Discord.Client();

client.on('message', (msg) => {
  // Send back a reply when the specific command has been written by a user.
  if (msg.content === '!hello') {
    msg.reply('Hello, World!');


This is the error I am getting:

Enter image description here


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You need to specify the events which you want your bot to receive using gateway intents.

Instead of

const client = new Discord.Client();


const client = new Discord.Client({ intents: [Enter intents here] })

For example

const client = new Discord.Client({ intents: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"] })

Here's another useful page: Gateways

  • Intents help you control which events your bot receives. See Privileged Intents for more information.
  • You need node.js 16.6 or higher to use discord.js13. npm install node@16 in shell.
  • The list of events are under the events tab at Client.

You can instead just degrade the discord.js version by typing this into the shell:

npm i discord.js@12.5.3

The latest discord.js version doesn't function very well, so I use v12. It isn't a complicated script.

client = new Discord.Client({intents: 32767})
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Add Intents.

const { Client, Intents } = require('discord.js');
// Create a new client instance
const client = new Client({ intents: [Intents.FLAGS.GUILDS] });

You can also use the template available in the discord.js documentation. Documentation


You need to update your Node.js to version 16. Just search Node.js in Google Search, go in their official site, download the setup from there, and install it!

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    It seems OP has already node v16+ and their problem is the missing intents. Dec 4, 2021 at 10:37

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