I have a circular progress bar(fitness tracker) I want to animate the "progress" with spring animation using damping and stiffness. Not the normal animation.


You can use jetpack compose using a CircularProgressIndicator and applying a ProgressIndicatorDefaults.ProgressAnimationSpec animation.

    var progress by remember { mutableStateOf(0.0f) }
    val animatedProgress by animateFloatAsState(
        targetValue = progress,
        animationSpec = ProgressIndicatorDefaults.ProgressAnimationSpec

   CircularProgressIndicator(progress = animatedProgress)

Finally assign the progress value.

Otherwise you can use a custom animationSpec like:

val customProgressAnimationSpec = SpringSpec(
    dampingRatio = 1f,
    stiffness = 50f,
    visibilityThreshold = 1 / 1000f

enter image description here

  • Currently we are not using jetpack in our project Can I achieve this without jetpack? At final position of progress it should show spring behaviour.
    – Prash
    Aug 9 at 12:02

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