We have an error_count metric which have two labels:

  1. client
  2. error_code

Because we know that there is a client will have (let's say, 404 error_code) which can not be avoided, so we want to exclude it in our dashboard.

Something like:

error_count{client!="foo_client" and error_code!="404"}


error_count{client!="foo_client", error_code!="404"}

won't work because it will exclude all from foo_client and all 404 errors.

And for what's worse, I only have control on Grafana's PromQL, maybe config Prometheus' collecting can solve this but I have no permission to config this since they are managed by other teams.


You can use the or which is an union operator in promQL.

  • thanks, this can solve. But in the future we may need to add more, say, client=bar and error_code=403 should be ignored as well. Is there an easy and maintainable way to do this? thanks.
    – scriptboy
    Aug 9 at 1:53

If I understand correctly, what you want is the error_count metric for all clients. If it's a foo_client, you only want it if it's not a 404 error code.

Here's one way to do that in Prometheus: get all entries that aren't foo_client, OR entries that are foo_client that don't have error_code=404:

error_count{client!="foo_client"} or error_count{client="foo_client", error_code!="404"}

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