I am trying to make an android game by the help of libGDX. My game is in portrait mode. Bird texture is rendering via for loop with a random OffSet. Sometimes my birds render outside of the screen. Here is my code for rendering:

                if (birdX>Gdx.graphics.getWidth()) {
                    birdY = Gdx.graphics.getHeight()/2;

                    birdX = Gdx.graphics.getWidth()-birdX-numberOfBirds*distanceBird;
                    bird2X = bird2X + numberOfBirds*distanceBird+Gdx.graphics.getWidth();

                    birdOffSet1[i] = (random.nextFloat()-0.5f)*(Gdx.graphics.getHeight()/2-200);
                    birdOffSet2[i] = (random.nextFloat()-0.5f)*(Gdx.graphics.getHeight()/2-200);
                } else {
                    birdX = birdX + cloudVelocity + 2;
                    bird2X = bird2X - cloudVelocity -2;

And values of the variables are:

numberOfBirds is 1,

distanceBird is 0

float[] birdOffSet1 = new float[numberOfBirds];

float[] birdOffSet2 = new float[numberOfBirds];

float birdX=-100;

float birdY=0;

float bird2X=1100;

I don't want to render my birds outside of the screen randomly. I hope you can help me, thank you.

  • Instead of graphics.getWidth() (and height), you should be using the camera's viewportWidth and viewportHeight. These are the actual bounds of the view in your game's coordinates. And you need to take into account the camera's position. For example, if the camera is at x=0 and y=0, the left edge of the view is -camera.viewportWidth / 2f. But if the camera is a x=viewportWidth/2f, then the left edge of the view is at x=0.
    – Tenfour04
    Aug 10, 2021 at 12:30
  • Thank you ! I will try it @Tenfour04 Aug 10, 2021 at 21:15


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