Case: A company have dozens of microservices. Some of them have very complex business logic. Currently, a company use Kafka as a messaging framework for inter-service communication, but Kafka perf is far away from Aeron. We would like to change it to Aeron, but we want to save resilience and fault-tolerance as well.
According to the cluster tutorial, https://github.com/real-logic/aeron/wiki/Cluster-Tutorial I realized that ClustedService must have to be deterministic and be a part of the cluster. For us, it will be very hard work to make all our microservices deterministic. So my question is here: Is it possible to use Aeron Cluster as a solution for replicated/distributed log only without changing business logic in services? Like it works for Kafka. Services just are clients of cluster and publish/subscribe to a distributed log. And a cluster is responsible for keeping the log reliable. Seems that this question is related to the task https://github.com/real-logic/aeron/issues/1177



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