I'm trying to create a Pydantic model with Tortoise ORM with Postgresql as the backend. I have the columns start_time and end_time defined in Postgres as a Time datatype. I tried my class as below:

class Carb_Ratio(models.Model):
    id = fields.UUIDField(pk=True, auto_generated=True)
    client_id = fields.UUIDField()
    ratio_type = fields.CharEnumField(RatioType)
    carb_ratio = fields.DecimalField(max_digits=10, decimal_places=2)
    start_time = fields.CharField(max_length=8)
    end_time = fields.CharField(max_length=8)
    insulin_sensitivity = fields.DecimalField(max_digits=10, decimal_places=2)
    created_at = fields.DatetimeField(auto_now_add=True)

When i try to create a record i end up with an error message "tortoise.exceptions.OperationalError: invalid input for query argument $5: '' ('str' object has no attribute 'hour')"

Tortoise fields do not have a TimeField, I tried even with fields.DatetimeField gives me an invalid datetime format for "08:00:00"

Any pointers in the right direction would be of help. Thanks in advance

Update: @Adrian Klaver thank you for your suggestion. I've changed these fields to DatetimeField

    start_time = fields.DatetimeField()
    end_time = fields.DatetimeField()

my input values has to be changed from

  "client_id": "9181233d-0fa3-4844-bb28-ba1660be1415",
  "ratio_type": "time_range",
  "carb_ratio": 16,
  "start_time": "17:00:01",
  "end_time": "21:00:00",
  "insulin_sensitivity": 6


  "client_id": "9181233d-0fa3-4844-bb28-ba1660be1415",
  "ratio_type": "time_range",
  "carb_ratio": 16,
  "start_time": "1900-01-01 17:00:01",
  "end_time": "1900-01-01 21:00:00",
  "insulin_sensitivity": 6

and now it is able to insert values properly. However the select function now errors with "iso8601.iso8601.ParseError: Expecting a string datetime.time(10, 0)"

  • You need to add to your question the part in the code where you create/assign the value to argument $5. Best guess is you are assuming you are working with a datetime.time object when you are in fact you are working with a str object. Aug 8, 2021 at 18:51
  • If the Postgres field are still of time type then your changes to the model type and the input values will not work. "1900-01-01 17:00:01" is not a valid time format. Aug 9, 2021 at 15:20


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