After chaning the appName in capacitor.config.ts, I have tried:

npm run build
npx cap sync

and still not getting app name changed when installed in android!

How to change the app name then?

Note : This is for latest capacitor 3

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    try to delete android/ios folder and change appName/Package name then add android/ios package hope it's work Aug 9, 2021 at 4:18
  • You have to eject android and IOS platform and then again add platforms. Aug 9, 2021 at 6:34

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I strongly suggest that these strings and more (like appName, appVersion number and version Code) have to be modified only compiling the "capacitor.config.json" and with the command "npx cap copy"

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    still getting no change! Can you please elaborate more precisely!
    – Ankur Shah
    Aug 8, 2021 at 19:13

Capacitor never modifies the user projects, so the appName and package are only used the first time you call add for the platform, after the native project is created, changes in the config won't affect the native project.

If you didn't do any changes in the project you can remove the android/ios folder and add them again, but that's not really recommended, if you need to change the app name, just edit the native project


On iOS you can't really rename the app, but you can change the Scheme name



may be I am late but this will help.

You can do this by making a change in strings.xml file

1) app_name and title_activity_main tags

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    <string name="app_name">myappname</string>
    <string name="title_activity_main">myappname</string>
    <string name="package_name">io.ionic.starter</string>
    <string name="custom_url_scheme">io.ionic.starter</string>

Note:- Tested on ionic 5 capacitor

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