function printDiv() {
   var divContents = document.getElementById("box2text").innerHTML;
   var a = window.open('', '', 'height=500, width=500');
   a.document.write('<body > <h1>Div contents are <br>');

This is html code which i am using

 <div class="box2" id="box2">
    <textarea name="box2text" id="box2text" cols="30" rows="10"></textarea>
 <div class="button">
    <button onclick="printDiv()">PRINT</button>

This print only text I want text with its css property like color

  • Consider editing the question instead of dumping code into a comment Aug 8, 2021 at 19:56
  • Now i changed sir. Aug 8, 2021 at 20:02
  • You need some print-media css
    – charlietfl
    Aug 8, 2021 at 20:18

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You can create a blank html page (print-page.html) which has your css linked to it. and use the following code to open it and insert your content inside and then print the content:

function printDiv() {
    var divContents = document.getElementById("box2text").innerHTML;
    const printWindow = window.open('print-page.html', '_blank', `width=${window.innerWidth},height=${window.innerHeight}`);
    printWindow.onload = function(){
        printWindow.document.body.innerHTML = divContents;
  • If I want to use ruled paper instead of blank paper for print pdf using javascript, What will be the procedure? Aug 9, 2021 at 7:32
  • @YUVRAJJWALA I don't think there's a straightforward method. But again you can use CSS to style your content as a ruled paper and then print that. This is a codepen article I found for you: codepen.io/ceg9498/post/creating-lined-paper
    – amirify
    Aug 9, 2021 at 7:57

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