I am trying to write a test in Cypress (v8):

  1. When the map loads, we hit an endpoint /myFleet to generate markers.
  2. Then, the user drags the map. And onDragEnd, we display a button to "Search Area"
  3. When user clicks "Drag Area" we again cy.intercept the /myFleet endpoint.

When I attempt item 2, the Search Area button & the Google Maps zoom controls move "up" the X-axis the same amount as my mousemove event & the click() on the search button does not get triggered.

      .trigger('mousemove', { x: 261, y: 0 })
      .wait(500); // just to allow google maps tiles to resettle after drag


Here is a GIF: https://recordit.co/B6H5iWEyK5

and Here is a screen shot of "AFTER": enter image description here

Why does my button & google zoom control move up? I think it's interfering in being able to actually select & click the element.

Am I not selecting the correct element to drag (cy.get('#live-view-map'))?

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it appears the reason it was not moving the map is because the map wasn't fully loaded. The Zoom controls were missing in the UI after further review. So, by adding a check to find the buttons, we know the map has settled.

cy.findByRole('button', {
      name: /zoom out/i,
      .trigger('mousedown', { which: 1 })
      .trigger('mousemove', { which: 1, x: 261, y: 0 })

In the new video, you can see Cypress rendering the map with some bouncing around of elements but now it's more predictable.

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