I am using the Provider-Package to store some data in my app. For that I also have a Service-Class where I define several functions. Now the thing is that I need these two values in almost every function:

  Year currentYear =
      Provider.of<CurrentlySelectedProvider>(context, listen: true)
  Month currentMonth =
      Provider.of<CurrentlySelectedProvider>(context, listen: true)

Right now I am simply calling this inside every method of the class. But that seems a bit stupid. Is there a way to define those two values in my class somewhere so I can access them with a simple variable and I don't have to call the. whole thing over and over again?

I hope my problem is clear. Let me know if you need any more info!

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You could create a getter function:

CurrentlySelectedProvider get myProvider => Provider.of<CurrentlySelectedProvider>(context, listen: false);

You can then access it in each function like this:

  • Gives the error "Undefined name 'context'." May 27 at 6:24

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