I'm working with a virtuoso-opensource cloned from github and compiled on last Friday. The software will be used in a course.

The university proxy resolves any (HTTP or HTTPS) requirement ok.

Any query including a reference to dbpedia (in example), always returns

Virtuoso 22023 Error RDFXX: The HTTPS retrieval is not supported via proxy

This is the test query:

define get:proxy "proxy.fing.edu.uy:3128"
define get:soft "soft"
FROM  <http://dbpedia.org/resource/Uruguay>
WHERE { ?s ?p ?o } 

Some idea about how the problem can be resolved?

Thanks FDO.

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Also asked and answered on OpenLink Community Forum

A patch has been committed to the open source develop/7 branch that should resolve this issue. Thus can you please rebuild with the commit and try again …

Please confirm whether this patch resolved your issue, on each and every site you posted about it!

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