I'm new to elastic beanstalk and looking to make sure my secrets, passwords, keys etc. are securely stored over in AWS.

Elastic beanstalk has the built in Environnment Properties that you can add to in the configuration area of Elastic Beanstalk, but it sounds like this is a very insecure area to store them.

Are there no easier options than having to go through an in-depth configuration process to pull Amazon Secrets from secrets manager and inject that during the build process? For a system that claims to help provision these resources so you can focus on your business logic (coding for your actual application), this resource doesn't seem to deliver on this front.

What am I missing? Ideally I would just want to inject secrets/passwords/dbstrings and other items securely as environment variables into the Elastic Beanstalk environment, without having to write any complicated ebextensions etc. to make that happen. Curious if I'm missing some easier method for achieving this?

  • Sadly you are not missing anything. It is how you describe. Either plain text in env variables, or pull from secret manager or parameters store in your app.
    – Marcin
    Aug 9, 2021 at 5:58


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