I want to use the ARM DDT to profile my program (It has used MPI and CUDA) on HPC system. The super computer that I am using is PBS and for submitting the jobs I have to use the bash shells and run the command:

qsub job.sh 

but I don't know how to submit the job by arm DDT application. I was wondering If you could advise me.


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The easiest (as in, least invasive) way to work with a queue is to use DDT's "reverse connect".

Firstly - load the GUI on your desktop/laptop (you don't need a licence to install this). Then, add a "remote connection" in the GUI - telling DDT where to find your supercomputer - tell it the hostname, and installation path to the tools. Test, then connect.

On your supercomputer, login to a terminal... and where you previously might have a line like this in your qsub script:


or like this:

mpirun -np 4 ./a.out

replace it with

{path-to-ddt}/bin/ddt --connect ./a.out


 {path-to-ddt}/bin/ddt --connect mpirun -np 4 ./a.out

Now, submit your job as usual - and a dialog will appear on your GUI on your laptop. Click accept, you're now debugging.

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