Hello when I am testing the github api in Git Bash everything works fine until I use this command:

curl -i -u myuser https://api.github.com/users/myuser

but when I do it in the windows cmd it works perfectly, it instantly asks me for the password,i already tried uninstalling and installing git but it doesn't work.

Here I show what is happening https://www.loom.com/share/8aabb02719424117ad0f70ba40ce5234

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    Could you describe what actually happens when things don’t work? Do you get an error message? Aug 9, 2021 at 5:17
  • it does not send me any error, it is as if it was loading, but in cmd it is instantaneous Aug 9, 2021 at 5:21

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I just tested it in a git bash session:

vonc@vclp MINGW64 ~/git/git (master)
$ curl -i -u VonC https://api.github.com/users/VonC
Enter host password for user 'VonC':
  "login": "VonC",

It does work.

But my %PATH% (before typing bash) is, from a CMD:

C:\Users\vonc\git\git>where curl
C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin\curl.exe

So I use the curl from the Git for Windows, before the Windows one.

Based on your video, and "cURL won't prompt me for password using GitHub API", try adding winpty:

winpty curl -u <me> https://api.github.com/users/<me>
  • Thank you very much for the answer, the truth is I am new to git and this world and I do not understand, I do not know if I explained well what my situation is, so attach a short video in the question Aug 9, 2021 at 18:08
  • @IvanRaulSanchezDiaz I see. I have edited the answer accordingly, with a possible solution.
    – VonC
    Aug 9, 2021 at 19:27

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