My testing framework has below structure

  • Master_test_Class.py ---> Holds generic test cases to be run for smoke and regression test suite
  • Test_Smoke1.py and Test_Reg1.py --> Child classes inherit Master_test_class.py

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I have logging enabled in pytest.ini for INFO

log_cli = 1 
log_cli_level = INFO

Below is my code in conftest.py

def pytest_generate_tests(metafunc):
logging.info("This is generated during the test collection !!!")

When i run the test either of the test files, logs are printed 2 times once in the formatting specified in pytest.ini and another in red color

pytest -s Test_Reg1.py

enter image description here

I am so lost why is the logging info getting printed twice.

  • please share logger configuration.
    – rok
    Aug 9, 2021 at 8:32

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It's probably because you have a logging handler that sends the logs to the standard output, the solution would be, either run pytest without argument -s (this assumes logs have all the information you need) or remove the logging handler that is using standard output.


If you want to see only the output of logging module, use --log-cli-level=INFO as an argument to pytest test run. You are seeing it twice because of -s switch. And, to test whether it's the same log or different, add timestamp to the log message.

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