(func (export "addTwo") (param i32 i32) (result i32)
 local.get 0
 local.get 1

 //this is my addTwo.wasm file

 const fs = require('fs');
 const buf = fs.readFileSync('./addTwo.wasm');// importing addTwo.wasm file
 const lib = WebAssembly.instantiate(new Uint8Array(buf)).
   then(res => res.instance.exports).catch(err=> console.log(err))

 //this is my addTwo.js file

I am just trying to add two numbers, but got the error:

[CompilerError: WebAssembly.instatiate(): expected magic word 00 61 73 6d ,but found 28 6d 6f 64 @+0]

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You need to compile the WebAssembly module to binary form before it can be loaded by an engine. You can do this you wat2wasm (from wabt) or wasm-as (from binaryen).

  • Thanks a lot !, can you please suggest me any tutioral for web assembly
    – Dhanush
    Aug 10, 2021 at 4:31

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