I have made some code works today with VS Code. Suddenly when I pressed the CMD + s, VS Code told me:

Failed to save 'example.py': Unable to write file

remote+' (Canceled: Canceled)

The SSH connection looks like still alive when I opened another SSH remote project. Then I thought maybe a backup would be a good idea, So I pressed the Saved As button right bottom and input the path /data/example_backup.py which got a warning:

Please enter a path that exists

I still got this warning even if I tried /data/example.py.

Then the show local button reminded me that I can save this file to my local disk. After pressed show local button and choose the local directory, VS Code made some feedback:

Unable to read file 'vscode-remote://ssh-remote+' (Canceled: Canceled)

But it seems that the backup worked because the file has already been in the local folder.

Is there a workaround to reconnect the SSH remote and save again?

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This is followed, for instance, by microsoft/vscode-remote-release issue 5215 (after hibernation) or 4686/3158 (WSL2)

For testing, try the Reload Window command, and see if the connection is restored then (with your file in progress being restored as well, ready to be saved).

  • The connection restored after typing Reload Window in the Cmd + Shift + P menu. I prefer vscode add a Reload Window button or option when Cmd + s failure appears. Thanks very much, VonC. Aug 10, 2021 at 11:09

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