I want to minimize the time taken by the first query of entity-framework by using the Cached model as some blogs and StackOverflow answers suggested. I am using aspnetboiler 3.8.1 asp.net MVC and entity-framework 6.2 I added DB configuration like this

 public MyContextConfiguration()
        var path = Path.GetDirectoryName(this.GetType().Assembly.Location);
        SetModelStore(new DefaultDbModelStore(path));

and set this configuration to DbConext like this

public class MyDbContext : AbpZeroDbContext<Tenant, Role, User>

The first time project Ran fine and created cache but after that, it gives the following error

System.ApplicationException: 'Filter name MustHaveTenant not found'

Error Image

I searched for this error and found that this error usually comes when you do not call a base class OnCreate in the DbContext OnCreate (Source). But I am calling the base class constructor

protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)

        //Database.Log = (query) => Debug.Write(query);

            .HasMany<Mark>(mov => mov.InMarks)
            .Map(c =>

This only comes when the application tries to load the model from cache otherwise it is working fine Does anyone has resolved this type of error in aspnetboilerplate Thanks

  • Share a repro project on GitHub that is forked from aspnetboilerplate/module-zero-core-template.
    – aaron
    Aug 11 at 14:42
  • I recreated same error in it first time it will run and second time when it will try to load model from cache it will give error of filter name Sep 6 at 7:00
  • This is latest asp .net MVC 5 +angular js aspnetboilerplate project only changes are in SpeedTest.EntityFramework project one change is I added Configuration file and Second change I gave configuration to db context Sep 6 at 7:06
  • Where is GetCultureFromTenantSetting?
    – aaron
    Oct 8 at 12:48

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