Recently, I have a microservice project, but my manager want to use Spring Data JPA, because we have no experience with project reactor and we need to finish it in 4 months.

Please help!

  • Your gateway should have very little data : only what is required to authenticate users and it could be zero depending on which auth type you chose. So your question does not make sense to me, your microservices could use Spring Data JPA without any problem. Why do you want to go for microservices in first place? It'll just make things more complex and you'll have to master technical details that have little business value. It does not make sense for students. Aug 10 at 17:05
  • Thanks very much, I don't know we can use JPA in Microservice Application. At first, we wanted to finalize some logic code in the gateway and split later ^^ Aug 10 at 17:31
  • Logic code in the gateway is a bad idea. Why don't you build a modular monolith? Are you using DDD to split your domain into microservices? What benefits do you expect from microservices? Aug 10 at 17:42
  • ^^, I'm a collect student. I want to make a microservices application with jhipster for my graduation thesis. And this application has too many functions so it will be very difficult to maintain if i choose monolith. Thanks for advices, I plan to create 1 gateway and 2 microservice(GroupService and ExamService). I don't know DDD, please show me about it. Thank you very much Aug 10 at 18:54
  • Too many functions and you have only 2 services? If you had that many functions you should have at least 10 microservices. How many developers? This looks like over engineering to me. Have you thought about how you will build reporting with 2 distinct databases (group and exam)? Please consider learning more about microservices drawbacks or maybe this is the subject of your thesis? Aug 10 at 19:15