In my Dasha.ai code, I want to send dynamic variables to phrasemap.json. How can I send dynamic data to phrasemap if possible?

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To dynamic phrase you should will do: In file "main.dsl" in context section create new variable (as example - "your_variable_phrase")

        input your_variable_phrase: string;

and then Dasha will say variable phrases for 2 ways:

First. Use command "sayText" - to say something without phrasemap file. In section "do" #sayText($your_variable_phrase)

Second. Use phrasemap. In the main.dsl in section "do"

        your_variable_phrase: $your_variable_phrase

In phrasemap file:

 "greeting": {
    "first": [
        "text": "Hello "},
      { "id": "your_variable_phrase", "type": "dynamic" }

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