I'm trying to make a React component which takes in a generic type parameter which will be part of its prop type.

I want a solution that would look something like this:

interface TestProps<T> {
  value: T;
  onChange: (newValue: T) => void;

const Test: React.FC<TestProps<T>> = (props) => (

I have seen that there is support for this in TypeScript 2.9 and I'm on 4.3.5.

Usage of this would look like this:

const Usage: React.FC = () => (
      value={{ name: 'test' }}
      onChange={(newValue) => {

Code sandbox: https://codesandbox.io/s/react-typescript-playground-forked-8hu13?file=/src/index.tsx


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You need to rewrite your Test component in this way

const Test= <T,>(props:TestProps<T>) => (
    <span>Some component logic</span>

Can you show the same with React.FC<TestProps>? It is impossible to do with FC.

This is FC implementation:

interface FunctionComponent<P = {}> {
  (props: PropsWithChildren<P>, context?: any): ReactElement<any, any> | null;
  // ... other static properties

As you might have noticed, FC is a function type, not type of props.


You can create higher order function, but I'm not sure if it worth it

const WithGeneric = <T,>(): React.FC<TestProps<T>> =>
  (props: TestProps<T>) => (
    <span>Some component logic</span>
const Test = WithGeneric<Obj>()
  • Can you show the same with React.FC<TestProps<T>>?
    – AKX
    Aug 12, 2021 at 12:26
  • Made an update. It is impossible with FC Aug 12, 2021 at 12:29
  • Yes, FC is a function type, but the point of my question was that can you show a syntax that would allow annotating the generic arrow function with React.FC so it'd apply the same types (modified props, annotated return type, possible static additions).
    – AKX
    Aug 12, 2021 at 12:31
  • I made an update. you can wrap your component in higher order function. It worth use value argument to infer T instead of explicit generic parameter without value but it is up to you Aug 12, 2021 at 12:40
  • react native's Fast Refresh did not work for that component. When the parent component is saved, it reloaded. Does anyone know why it doesn't work? Jun 3 at 7:21

The easiest way is to make the generic FC a regular function, not an arrow function. (React.PropsWithChildren<> emulates what React.FC does to your props type.)

function Test<T>(props: React.PropsWithChildren<TestProps<T>>) {
    return <span>Some component logic</span>;
  • I've been agonizing over this recently. This is fine and dandy however there's no explicit statement in the code that Test is in fact a FC<TestProps<T>> for some arbitrary type T. AAMOF my understanding is that this kind of statement cannot be expressed but I don't have a clear mental model as to where the limitation originates from. Is it a shortcoming of the TS type system, or of the particular way FC is defined in React? Oct 13 at 12:07

In my case it was like the following codes:

export interface FormProps<T> {
  validator?: AnyObjectSchema;
  onSubmit?: (data: T) => void;

const Form = <T = any,>({
}: PropsWithChildren<FormProps<T>>): JSX.Element => {

And in usage:

type MyType = ...

  <SomeCompo />
  <AnotherSomeCompo />

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