I'm pretty new to javascript. I'm trying to graph orders by the dates that they were made. I want the graph to contain the days in-between those orders with orders for those dates as 0. How would I add these missing dates in javascript? In my backend, I'm using mongodb aggregate.

const dailyOrders = await Order.aggregate([
      $group: {
        _id: { $dateToString: { format: '%m-%d-%Y', date: '$createdAt' } },
        orders: { $sum: 1 },
    { $sort: { _id: 1 } },

Would I have to create a const and add it to createdAt? I would really appreciate any help or guidance on how to do this. Thank you!

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You can make mongoDB to return javascript dates not strings. You can use $dateFromString (or you can return strings, and convert them to dates in javascript)

documents=[doc1(has_the_start_date) doc2 ......docn(has_the_end_date)]

An then you make an array with 1 document for each day, if you have doc for that date in documents you take it from there, else you create an empty doc with that date.

var docIndex=0;
var temp_date=startDate;
var documents_all_dates=[];

  //if i have a document with that date,find out how to compare date day in js
  if(documents[docIndex]["date"] equal temp_date)
  temp_date.setDate(temp_date.getDate() + 1);

Answer is not complete but it might help you.

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