I downloaded the Pixel emulator and Android API 25, but when running it appears for a few seconds and then disappears



In the Event Log, this is what appears

image 3

I need help pls


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The same Problem got me a few months ago: I fixed it by doing this:

Whenever you run the project or app you have to clear the data of that AVD

To wipe the data of Emulator follow these steps-

Go To AVD Manager then you will see all emulators there then simply wipe data. ie- like in this image shown.

step 1

enter image description here

step 2 enter image description here

step 3 enter image description here

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    @FatimaBernardesH1N1 If your problem got solved then please accept as answer! Aug 31, 2021 at 10:21

I also had random emulator crashes, everything would work for a short while, but then the emulator would just disappear as if it had stopped. The emulator.exe would still be running task manager, no way to recover the window and the .lock file couldn't be removed.

Even just starting the emulator and swiping the home screen left and right (not even starting my app), or going into the the apps drawer and back would cause the the emulator to stop working properly.

What worked for me was to always start Android Studio as "Run as administrator". So right click on the startmenu shortcut and select Run as administrator.

enter image description here

Not sure why it randomly stops working otherwise, I'm sure the Android Studio QA team thoroughly tests this on real-world laptops outside of Google labs right...? /s

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