I'm specifically looking for a solution for PuTTY but also interested for other terminal emulators, like Gnome Terminal.

My thought is it would be useful if I start a tar zxvf to be able to set a trigger on the terminal emulator, minimize it, and on next output to stdout/stderr I get a notification in the task bar that the command has finished.

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This works for me:

echo -e "\a"

Then update your PuTTY session to use the Visual Bell, and set "Taskbar/caption indication on bell" to Flashing or Steady.

Then run this command after your tar completes:

tar xvzf file ; echo -e "\a"

Here is a screenshot: Save these settings as the default settings and/or the sessions' settings you have
PuTTY Configuration

  • Interesting solution, unfortunate that you have to append the dummy echo to every command though :/ Jun 12, 2018 at 20:43

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