My code is something like this:

[request setPostValue:employee.empId forKey:@"empId"];

where employee is a "POCO" object that has a property empId which is int, but the method is waiting an identifier.

I've tried already sending setPostValue:&employee.empId and setPostValue:[employee.empId] but still getting errors.

Can I get the (id) in any way? or must I create another object from the property?


Yeah, you need to create another object from the integer before you can hand it off to a method that’s expecting an id.

[request setPostValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:employee.empId] forKey:@"empId"];

Alternatively, with more recent versions of the SDK (post-iOS 6, I think?), you can use Objective-C’s new boxing literals:

[request setPostValue:@(employee.empId) forKey:@"empId"];
  • wow that was fast, thanks I'm learning, not so easy to step down from C# :( – Andresps2 Jul 29 '11 at 22:06
  • I think that what you should understand is that is what expecting an object... – Larme Jul 22 '13 at 15:43
[request setPostValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:employee.empId] forKey:@"empId"];

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