I have to create a plug-in that will have to display information when user hovers over certain terms. Can anyone show me the direction how to do it?

I do not have much ideas about creating plug-ins. I know what i want to do can be done by java script. But can a java script file be installed as a browser plug in? any ideas on this will be appreciated! Thanks!


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What you want to do is create a userscript. It's exactly what you're describing: a piece of javascript code installed in the browser as a plugin.

Userscripts are supported:

  1. By Firefox using Greasemonkey
  2. By IE with its own version of Greasemonkey
  3. Natively (soon) by Google Chrome
  4. Natively by Opera
  5. And even by Safari

So support is on almost every major browser.

A userscript is the easiest solution for what you're trying to do.


Kango's Content Scripts are similar to userscripts, with perhaps better support for all browsers, and the extension (and thus also the user script) can be installed with one click if self-hosted instead of installing Greasemonkey separately.

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