How can we automatically toggle Dark Mode at predetermined times?


Every day, around 5 PM, I switch on the dark mode of the Dark Reader Chrome extension. I toggle it off again the next morning to get more bright light in the morning.

As of now, I have remind myself everyday to hit the <Alt>+<Shift>+<D>-shortcut that I have configured in Google Chrome (chrome://extensions/shortcuts): enter image description here

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Nowadays, toggling can be done through the new dark reader-plugin UI.

UI-based automation

As of writing, the plugin has 2 types of interfaces.
If you see the following (old) interface, you need to enable the new UI first.
If you see another UI (new), you can skip to the 'Automate the UI' section.

Old interface

Enabling the New Interface


  1. Click on 'dev tools' (as shown above). This will open a small window.
  2. Click on 'preview new design' (as shown below). Note that as of writing, the UI of the small window doesn't visually change. Only the label of the button will change. However, when you click on the plugin icon again, you'll see the new UI.

Enable the new interface

Automate the UI


  1. In the new interface, click on 'settings':

The new interface

  1. Click on 'automation':

Click on automation

  1. Enable the ✔️ checkmark for the active times. In the example below, the browser will turn dark at 17:00 and bright at 05:00.

enter image description here


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