I want to rename all classes starting with the prefix SMP to RS, including references in source code (direct ones like SMPClass1 and indirect ones like Smalltalk at: #SMPClass2) and in class and method comments. Can the current RBParseTreeRewriter do this? An equivalent without the parse tree rewriter would be:

Smalltalk allClassesDo: [ :class |
(class name beginsWith: 'SW2')
    ifTrue: [ class rename: 'PR' , (class name allButFirst: 3) ] ].

Yes, this can be done, but not with the RBParseTreeRewriter (this is a low-level tool to rewrite source-code internally used by refactorings).

From OmniBrowser select in the context menu Refactor > Class Regex. Then modify and accept the template as follows:

ORClassRegexRefactoring new
  replace: '^SW2(.*)$' with: 'PR$1' ignoreCase: false;

This will automatically rename all classes and references.

  • Thanks, any specific reason to require OmniBrowser? Could be the environment be specified by code to limit changes to a specific package?
    – user869097
    Jul 30 '11 at 8:26
  • OmniBrowser is not a requirement, but of course it makes it significantly simpler. All refactorings can be triggered from workspace scripts. Jul 30 '11 at 11:21
  • To scope the refactoring to a specific package select an entity of the package in OmniBrowser and click on 'Refactoring scope > Package'. In the resulting browser perform the rename refactoring described above. Again, this can also be done from a workspace script, but then you are on your own :-) Jul 30 '11 at 11:24

An alternative is to rename the classes in a single package to make the following code:

(SystemOrganizer default classesInCategory: 'my pakage name') do: [ :class |
    "Adding the prefix PRE classes"
    (class name beginsWith: 'PRE') ifFalse: [ class rename: 'PRE' , class name ] 

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