I'm having trouble running a shell script command in progress-4gl.

I have an A.xml file and the shell script moveXml.sh is used to FTP move the A.xml file from a Linux server to a window server.

my shell script needs 1 (one) parameter = </filename ex: A.xml> to work.

Below is my syntax to run moveXml.sh in progress-4gl.


But I can't pass the parameters.

How to pass parameters to moveXml.sh. please help me.

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    What is the purpose of COLD ? As written, os-command will try to execute COLD passing 'moveXml.sh' as parameter. Aug 17, 2021 at 6:01

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When using os-command you can use value, you pass the entire command line:

os-command value( 'moveXml.sh A.xml' ).

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