On main.dart I get response from api username and set `String myUsername = 'stackoverflow';

How on all page use myUsername as global variable?

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    Check provider package for state management or create a singleton class ...
    – Omar Fayad
    Aug 17, 2021 at 10:09

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the answer above is right , however if you don't want to make a singleton class, all you can do is, save it to shared preference, using the shared_preferences

myPreference.setString("userName", Your user name)

and get it using



You can create a Singleton like this:

class SingletonTest{
  String myUsername;


  static SingletonTest _instance = SingletonTest._private();
  static SingletonTest get instance => _instance;

After that, you can access it from anywhere in your code using:

var singl = SingletonTest.instance;

For more examples refer to:

How to build a Singleton in dart

Or you can use Provider Pattern, more info about it here:

Provider Pattern

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