I have these two nested list:

insurance cost = [('Maria', 4150.0), ('Rohan', 5320.0), ('Valentina', 35210.0)]
estimated insurance cost = [('Maria', 4222.0), ('Rohan', 5442.0), ('Valentina', 36368.0)]

I want to make a code to subtract estimated by insurance so complete a subtraction on every 2nd element in the list. how would i do that?. Do I unzip or convert back to int(). I've just started learning python and was wondering how to do it. Anyone know how to go about this.

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    Ok... You cannot have spaces in variables
    – user15801675
    Commented Aug 17, 2021 at 17:33

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You can go with:

total_cost=[(i[0],j[1]-i[1]) for i,j in zip(insurance_cost, estimated_insurance_cost)]

Also, variables in python don't have spaces between them. python will consider words as new variables, which won't be defined and would be syntactically invalid.

You can use _ as an alternative:

insurance_cost = [('Maria', 4150.0), ('Rohan', 5320.0), ('Valentina', 35210.0)]
estimated_insurance_cost = [('Maria', 4222.0), ('Rohan', 5442.0), ('Valentina', 36368.0)]

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