Does anyone know how one could access fuzzy logic from javascript? I have a good fuzzy library in Java and C++, but I wanted something I could run from HTML5/javascript.


There are two projects avaliable:

  1. https://github.com/marcolanaro/JS-Fuzzy - ready to use in browser

  2. https://github.com/sebs/node-fuzzylogic - nodejs module, could be used in browser


Options are:

  1. Put the logic on a server and use ajax to access it from a web page.
  2. Rewrite it in javascript and include it in your page.
  3. Put the C++ into a browser plugin and access the plugin from javascript.

Options 1) or 2) could work fine depending upon the details of the situation. Option 3) is generally a bad idea unless it's a very specialized application that somehow makes it worth dealing with the distribution, maintenance, testing and user headaches of a plug-in.

  • @jldupont - asm.js is a subset of Javascript that can be run a lot faster so that would certainly be covered under my point #2. The OP asks for something they could "run from HTML5/Javascript" so they're going to have to somehow get their code into Javascript in order to be able to do that. webAssembly is interesting (perhaps allowing a cross compile from C++ to WASM, but it isn't even clear that's what the OP is asking for. – jfriend00 Aug 27 '16 at 1:10

My answer for those who want to do in NodeJS as it is familiar with javascript

Please use an awesome nodejs-java, and a miracle jFuzzylite library which is written in Java.

node-java: https://www.npmjs.com/package/java

Fuzzylite: http://www.fuzzylite.com/. It provides jfuzzylite.jar

I've created a membership function in Matlab membership_function_pn.fis, It has two inputs and one output. Type mfedit on the Matlab command interface, it will appear an FIS editor where you can easily make your fuzzy function.

The following is my code which did the work!! (To understand how the code works in Nodejs, do a practice in Java with jfuzzylite.jar first).

var java = require("java");
var fs = require("fs");

var matlabString = fs.readFileSync("dataMatlab/membership_function_pn.fis", 'utf8');
var FisImporter = java.newInstanceSync("com.fuzzylite.imex.FisImporter");
var engineMatlab = java.callMethodSync(FisImporter, "fromString", matlabString);
var InputVariable = java.newInstanceSync('com.fuzzylite.imex.FisImporter');

var OutputVariable = java.callMethodSync(engineMatlab, "getOutputVariable", 0);
var bandwidthInputVariable = java.callMethodSync(engineMatlab, "getInputVariable", 0);
var timeInputVariable = java.callMethodSync(engineMatlab, "getInputVariable", 1);
java.callMethodSync(bandwidthInputVariable, "setInputValue", -0.5);
java.callMethodSync(timeInputVariable, "setInputValue", 0.5);
java.callMethodSync(engineMatlab, "process");
var resultFuzzy = java.callMethodSync(OutputVariable, "getOutputValue");

console.log("안녕하세요" + resultFuzzy);

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