How do I add my program to the users start menu with VS2010 Setup Project?

I don't see an obvious place to do this.

What would be even better than this is a link to a reference that holds my hand through setting up projects so I can see how it is supposed to be done.



You can add a short cut in to the executable in the File System view.

enter image description here

More steps here

enter image description here

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    User's Programs Menu wasn't showing up in my file system view. You have to right click on the "File System on Target Machine" and choose to show it first. Nice image tho. – Jason Jul 31 '11 at 4:49
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    There's a bit more to it than that ... you need to sat the Target to be Application Folder\Primary Output – Zaid Masud Sep 18 '12 at 17:15
  1. Go to Application Folder, look on the right hand side it should say, "Primary output from X" (make sure you don't have other widgets covering up this real estate.)
  2. Right click that => make shortcut
  3. Go to User's Program's Menu ==> create the folder that you want your shortcut to reside in, probably your company name
  4. Drag the shortcut from step 2 to the folder you just created.

In the Setup Project File System, right-click the User's Programs Menu, and create a folder for your application. Go to the Application Folder, right-click project output, then select Create Shortcut to xxx. Drag the shortcut to the application folder.


After wasting an hour, I got it done - VS 2010 (this article helped):

In your Deployment Project go to File System Editor Click on "Application Folder" (I assume you have "Primary Output" from your projects there) Right click on "Primary Output" of the project you want to target with your shortcut - select "Create Shortcut to Primary Output ..." Rename shortcut Drag shortcut to Desktop / Programs Menu folder That's it!


Right click on the setup project and click View -> File System. There is a foler there for User's Programs Menu. You can add a shortcut to your project's executable there.

Here is a link that walks you through the process.


Creating the shortcut at the top level of the start menu is not really standard behavior. The shortcut should be created in the folder [Manufacturer][ProductName] in the user's "Programs" menu. However, it seems you can't use the installer properties in the Visual Studio deployment proje

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