I'm currently configuring an Artemis ActiveMQ Broker and need to change the default ''wildcard-addresses''. So I found the ''wildcard-addresses'' tag, but I didn't find the information I need, so I have two questions:

  1. I want to set routing-enabled to true, but just for the tag ''any-words'' and disable the ''single-word'' tag (or just want to know if this is even possible).
  2. I didn't find the answer in the official documentation, so I'm wondering if someone found a good reference which explains the different tags for the ''wildcard-addresses'' configuration, which is in the style of the ''Configuration Reference'', but includes a section about ''wildcard-addresses''.

What I've found so far but does not satisfy me:

Thanks in advance, Alex

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There is no way to disable certain match types (i.e. single word or any words), and it's not clear why one would want to.

The wildcard-addresses block is for enabling/disabling wild-card routing and for customizing the wild-card syntax.

Here's the basics (as described in the documentation):

  • A wildcard expression contains words delimited by the character defined by delimiter (i.e. . by default).
  • The character defined by any-words (i.e. # by default) means "match any sequence of zero or more words."
  • The character defined by single-word (i.e. * by default) means "match a single word."

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