Is it possible to return a stacktrace in a trace? I'm using :dbg.tp/3 and :dbg.tracer/2 to get a trace along with the calling module. I tried caller function (see in docs: https://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/match_spec.html) but it gives me the very next call from the stack (which is {:erl_eval, :do_apply, 6}), what I need is the first function that is defined in my project.

For context, handler function passed to tracer/2:

    handler_fun = fn {:trace, _pid, :call, {_m, _f, _a}, dump}, _ignored ->

and the tp call (for now I just use process dump that gives me the stack in binary, but I would like to get it in a form that I can interpret in code and not parse it):

:dbg.tp(module, :_, [{:_, [], [{:message, {:process_dump}}]}])

I'm open to using a different tool than tracing/dbg.

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