I am new to AWS cognito. I have a requirements to manage users though AWS cognito.

  1. Users can sign themselves up
  2. I am using hosted UI to achieve this. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cognito/latest/developerguide/cognito-user-pools-app-integration.html
  3. Only admin can confirm user from AWS console.
  4. User is getting created with Unconfirmed status (expected).

Everything works as expected, but at the time of sign up, hosted UI responds with "An error was encountered with the requested page".

I don't want user to be auto approved and hence not invoking pre sign up lambda.

Please find attached image error.

Is there any way I can display custom message like "User is created, please contact admin for user confirmation" ??

Thank you .

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The issue is occuring probably because you chose Allow users to sign themselves up and did not chose any verification type - No verification. Choose Only allow administrators to create users or any verification type to avoid this issue.

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