Mocking a standard npm project is straight forward. Create a __mocks__ folder adjacent to node_modules folder, then put the name of the package as the file and write the mock contents within.

Example: /__mocks__/axios.ts

Where I'm stuck on is having an npm package import that looks like this: @auth0/auth0-react

How can I mock the contents of this file? I tried creating a file named @auth0/auth0-react.tsx but jest doesn't seem to be picking up the mocked file. When I import import { Auth0Provider } from '@auth0/auth0-react'; and console.log(Auth0Provider), All I get is the standard Jest.fn() attributes.

Here are the contents of the mocked file

/* eslint-disable import/prefer-default-export */
export const Auth0Provider = (component: JSX.Element): JSX.Element => component;

Since I did not use jest.fn() on this one method, I'm expecting console.log(Auth0Provider) to show that it contains a function.

In my test code I have jest.mock('@auth0/auth0-react') before my test. Any ideas?

  • It works fine for me.
    – Lin Du
    Aug 27, 2021 at 3:15

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I found the solution via another StackOverflow question by kcarra.

To summarize the answer, I'll answer it with 2 points:

  1. The __mocks__ directory must be in the vicinity of the file being tested. If your file is under /src/MyComponent, then the path for mocks folder should be /src/__mocks__/.

  2. The folder structure under __mocks__ must mimc the path as shown in your import. In my scenario, I need to create a folder named @auth0 and then a file called auth0-react.tsx in that folder.

Here's how I structured my test and mocks files.

  • mocks: /src/__mocks__/@auth0/auth0-react.tsx
  • tests: /src/__tests__/MyComponent.tsx
  • Actual component file: /src/MyComponent.tsx

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