I have a Hugo website, with a section products. The URL of products is configured to be /p/:filename. Actual product files are in subfolders of content/products.

Some products have the same file name, but they reside in different subfolders. I want to have URLs like:

  • content/products/shirts/very-beautiful-shirt.md => /p/shirts/very-beautiful-shirt
  • content/products/shirts/simple.md => /p/shirts/simple
  • content/products/hats/simple.md => /p/hats/simple

Is there a way to have the subfolders showing up in the URL (permalink)? Of course, I'm aware I can specify the URL in every document, but I'd much rather have a better solution than that...


your content structure outputs your URL structure.

So if you want /p/shorts/simple/
change your content folder /products/ to /p/
so /content/p/shorts/simple.md

will output to a url: /p/shorts/simple/

Then your URLs, unless you config is borked (separate issue), will display appropriately.

Let me know if that helps.

Their are ways to do global overrides and config shennanigans, but I would suggest at that point simply reading hugo docs, specifically "configuring hugo" in gohugo.io.

  • I do have a permalink structure override in the configuration, because I need localized permalinks (I mentioned p just for brevity, but it's actually products, produits, prodotti, etc.). The section "Configuring Hugo" is not helpful at all, as it never refers to subfolders; it briefly mentions a :sections value that only includes the top section (products in my case, without any subfolder).
    – Simone
    Aug 30 at 20:24
  • gohugo.io/content-management/multilingual/#readout I would suggest you use the standard hugo system for multilanguage (I'm working with 5 to 12 language sites) then you can use the standard hugo folder/file structures.
    – Rogelio
    Aug 30 at 22:20
  • Is there no way to get the permalink configuration to do what I want? It seems a bit off to me that the "default" way works but if I want to customise the permalink then it stops working...
    – Simone
    Aug 31 at 13:32
  • In your Hugo config file, what do you have set for Permalinks.products? If products/, shirts/ and hats/ each contain an _index.md, then something like this should work products: /p/:sections[1]/:filename/
    – n m
    Aug 31 at 16:50
  • I'm learning this myself and it might be that each source file under products/, e.g. simple.md, needs to be a leaf bundle, i.e. change simple.md to simple/index.md (in addition to what I wrote above). This seems like a bug but I'm not sure
    – n m
    Aug 31 at 17:11

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