I am currently trying to run a docker GitHub Action which builds and pushes a docker image to the GitHub Packages but I am receiving an error which I have never seen. For some reason it fails to push the docker image because write_permission is denied but I have a token allowing me to write so I don't understand what the problem is.

This is my action file:

name: Docker Image CI

    branches: [ main ]
    branches: [ main ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: Set up JDK 16
      uses: actions/setup-java@v1
        java-version: 16
    - name: Build with Maven
      run: mvn -f ACS/pom.xml clean install dependency:copy-dependencies
    - name: Login to GitHub Package Registry
      run: echo ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} | docker login docker.pkg.github.com -u ${{ github.repository }} --password-stdin
    - name: Build the Docker image
      run: docker build -t image:latest .
    - name: Tag the Docker image
      run: docker tag image:latest docker.pkg.github.com/organization/repository/image:latest
    - name: Push the Docker image to the registry
      run:  docker push docker.pkg.github.com/organization/repository/image:latest

This is my error:

Run docker push docker.pkg.github.com/organization/repository/image:latest The push refers to repository [docker.pkg.github.com/organization/repository/image] f0eaf014e806: Preparing 7d0bad636b3f: Preparing aa0870e7c621: Preparing 36d2f9f005e6: Preparing 22bb3686ee25: Preparing 05e198868a20: Preparing b5cea4a3dd43: Preparing 93c7a8a0e1f4: Preparing 7f4b55b885b0: Preparing 05e198868a20: Waiting b5cea4a3dd43: Waiting 93c7a8a0e1f4: Waiting 7f4b55b885b0: Waiting denied: permission_denied: write_package


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I was facing the same issue. To resolve this

  • Go to USER/ORG home page and click on Packages tab

  • Click on the package for which you are getting the permission_denied error

  • On the bottom of right sidebar click on Package settings option enter image description here

  • On the Manage Actions access change the package role to write enter image description here

  • Done. Now rerun the the action and you will find the problem is resolved.

  • 1
    Thank you! I've been struggling with this for three straight days. My issue was with a npm package initially published from my machine to npm.pkg.github.com, with a PAT. Subsequent workflow runs just threw 403 errors on publish. Had no idea we could control access to individual packages.
    – nilsel
    Commented Oct 18, 2022 at 15:03

The solution presented did not work for me, I had to add my repository to the package settings as documented in the issue https://github.community/t/unable-to-push-to-ghcr-io-from-github-actions/191761/3

Go to Package settings (to the right / bottom) of the package

And configure "Manage Actions access" section to allow the git repository in question write permissions on this package/docker repository - so making sure to also select "Write" when adding the repository.

  • You may not have access and then you will not see the original package on the list. In this case make sure asking administrator for correct permissions. Commented Aug 23, 2022 at 10:56

Try adding login step to your job:

- name: Login to GitHub Container Registry
  uses: docker/login-action@v1
    registry: ghcr.io
    username: ${{github.actor}}
    password: ${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}}
  • I already do that though. Also tried your code but nothing changed. Commented Sep 2, 2021 at 8:22
  • Yeah, I see you are using the old registry docker.pkg.github.com. My example with GITHUB_TOKEN works only for the new ghcr.io one.
    – demisx
    Commented Sep 2, 2021 at 15:36
  • Do you know if this change has had impact on how docker.pkg.github.com works? Commented Sep 3, 2021 at 7:11
  • @AngelHadzhiev In my experience, I had to update the domain from that old host to ghcr.io/... for this to work. In addition, my old method against the old domain (on this new private repo) did not work.
    – Rob
    Commented Oct 9, 2023 at 21:36

For those interested, I managed to solve my issue although not quite sure how or more precisely which of the steps that I used, did help me solve the issue.

So basically, I first revoked my tokens and made a new one. Then I logged in to docker like this docker login -u USERNAME -p TOKEN ghcr.io while before I would use docker.pkg.github.com and then managed to push my docker image manually to GitHub Package Registry which then made the GitHub Action flow works as well, although I did change nothing there.

I hope that helps people who have the same issue.


I just wanted to add an alternative solution for people who are running into this error and finding this page from Google results.

If you've created a package previously from a forked repo, and then forked a different repo with the same package name, Github actions will fail like this. Go into your package settings and delete the package, and it should succeed again.

  • Thanks for the solution. I had really hard time figuring this out.
    – Nitesh
    Commented Mar 7, 2023 at 12:51

Thanks to https://stackoverflow.com/users/814548/vivek! In my case, I still needed to have the code in place to get working, as follows:

  contents: read
  packages: write

currently you precise your github token but not the secrets for DOCKERHUB_USERNAME and DOCKERHUB_TOKEN. You need define in your repositories a new secrets DOCKERHUB_USERNAME and DOCKERHUB_TOKEN as indicated in https://docs.github.com/en/actions/reference/encrypted-secrets.

You must also create a dockerhub token on dockerhub website portal.

You also need to add this sample code before build and push action.

        name: Login to DockerHub
        uses: docker/login-action@v1 
          username: ${{ secrets.DOCKERHUB_USERNAME }}
          password: ${{ secrets.DOCKERHUB_TOKEN }}

  • I don't need dockerhub. Commented Sep 1, 2021 at 13:43
  • Whether it is DOCKERHUB or another container registry (like Azure ACR or a personal container registry) you necessarily need a container registry to be able to push a container image. Commented Sep 1, 2021 at 13:50
  • In your code you need a secret for docker.pkg.github.com Commented Sep 1, 2021 at 13:51

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