I am trying to implement the McEliece algorithm and I am having some troubles. When I try to decrypt a message, it shows an exception saying that the ciphertext is invalid. I am using BouncyCastle implementation as a guide for my work.

// check if padding byte is valid
if (index<0 || mrBytes[index] != 0x01)
    throw new InvalidCipherTextException("Bad Padding: invalid ciphertext");

The encryption works, it throws this exception during decryption

org.bouncycastle.crypto.InvalidCipherTextException: Bad Padding: invalid ciphertext
    at org.bouncycastle.pqc.crypto.mceliece.McElieceCipher.computeMessage(Unknown Source)
    at org.bouncycastle.pqc.crypto.mceliece.McElieceCipher.messageDecrypt(Unknown Source)

This is what I wrote for decrypt

try {
        cipher.init(false, generator.generateKeyPair().getPrivate());
        byte[] decodedMessage = cipher.messageDecrypt(enc);
        if (decodedMessage.equals(plainMessage))
           } else
           } catch (InvalidCipherTextException e) {

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