I'm trying to parse the test_string to JSON but failing, just continues as string after json.dumps, see result below. How can I get the expected output? The test_string is pulled from a text object and that's how it's quoted.

test_string = "{'fruit': ['Yes'], 'vegetables': ['carrot']}"

# output
'"{\'fruit\': [\'Yes\'], \'vegetables\': [\'carrot\']}"'

# expected output
{'fruit': ['Yes'], 'vegetables': ['carrot']}
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    Do you not want to be using json.loads? json.dumps is for creating a string from a python object. Though I don't thing your test_string will parse as JSON wants double quotes.
    – Alex
    Sep 2, 2021 at 19:20
  • You can use eval() function to create a dict from String. Then you can use json.dumps()
    – d-xa
    Sep 2, 2021 at 19:28
  • @Alex json.loads gives a decoding error. ast.literal_eval worked
    – Aks
    Sep 8, 2021 at 16:07
  • @Aks JSON syntax is not Python syntax. JSON requires double quotes for its strings.
    – Alex
    Sep 8, 2021 at 16:52
  • @Alex it's from a text object, that's how it is in the document that is getting parsed, which is why json.loads fails
    – Aks
    Sep 9, 2021 at 17:09

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use ast and json

import ast
import json
data = ast.literal_eval("{'fruit': ['Yes'], 'vegetables': ['carrot']}")


{"fruit": ["Yes"], "vegetables": ["carrot"]}

json.loads() should do the trick

test_string = "{'fruit': ['Yes'], 'vegetables': ['carrot']}"
new_test_string = json.loads(test_string)
  • json.loads gives a JSONDecodeError. ast.literal_eval works
    – Aks
    Sep 8, 2021 at 16:08

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