What I am trying to achieve

I am building a playlist player widget for my app using Soundcloud API. I am able to fetch the data but I am running into a design/technical issue when I need to implement the play/pause feature for a given track.

The GET method returns a JSON track (song) with multiple functions associated, such as response.play(), response.pause(), etc. Currently, my onClick() handle for pausing and playing the song fetches new data for the same track and overrides the current song, which is not what I want. I want to be able to play the song, the pause/play it without restarting.

JSFiddle (Wasn't able to implement StackOverflow JS/HTML/CSS snippet widjet)

[-------- Working JSFiddle here !!---------]


const SC = require('soundcloud');

  client_id: '1dff55bf515582dc759594dac5ba46e9'

const playIcon = 'https://www.pngfind.com/pngs/m/20-201074_play-button-png-image-background-circle-transparent-png.png';
const pauseIcon = 'https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/pause-button-icon-transparent-background-sign-flat-style-204042531.jpg';

async function getJson(trackId) {
  let response = await SC.stream('/tracks/' + trackId);
  return response;

const Playlist = () => {
 const[playState, setPlayState] = React.useState(false);
 const handlePlayClick = () => {
   getJson(913128502).then((track) => {
     track.setVolume(0.025); //increase if you don't hear background sound
     playState ? track.pause() : track.play();
    return (
     <img src={!playState ? playIcon : pauseIcon } 
          onClick={() => { handlePlayClick() } }
          height="100" width="100" >

export default Playlist;

Things I have tried

I have looked at several SOs posts trying to understand how to store fetched data in a global variable. From my understanding, this can't quite be done because of synchronicity, I can only use the track GET response and its associated functions only inside the function

getJson(trackId).then((track) => {
   // can only call track.play() or track.pause() locally here ? 

To bypass this, I tried to do

let globalTrack;
getJson(trackId).then((track) => {
   globalTrack = track;
globalTrack.play() // undefined error

I have further tried to use other tools like async/await but with no success. I am at a loss for ideas and lost enough hair over this issue. Does anyone know how I can achieve what I want?


You can use useEffect() hook to get a track, it will fetch the track once when the component is first mounted.


const [track, setTrack] = React.useState(null);

React.useEffect(() => {
  musicFetch(913128502).then((music) => {
}, [])

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