I created the DocType ProjectEmployees and saw that the column "Sales Order" is not rendered fully even there is enough space. The value SAL-ORD-2021-00001 is rendered as SAL-ORD-20... Example

Some googling lead me to the property "colwidths", which I tried to apply with a client script:

I did this by creating a ClientScript in the Desk:

frappe.listview_settings['ProjectEmployee'] = {
    hide_name_column: true, 
    colwidths: {"sales_order": 250}

ClientScript in Desk

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to do anything, the column is always rendered the same, even with using absurd high values. I found no documentation on this, could anyone advise me?

The column in the DocType is of type "Link". Version of frappe framework is v13.8.0 (version-13).

DocType definition


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