The problem

I am building an Open-Source Vue Application. It has a Gantt-Chart to show tasks as a timeline. It has an option for users to set a date range, by default it shows the current and next month.

Every year in september, this chart breaks. Instead of showing all months, it skips the next month:

enter image description here

This is what it should look like instead: enter image description here

There's been an ongoing issue about this here.

The catch

I can't reproduce this. Even when I use Browserstack to be able to use the exact same browser/OS combination my users are using. It works fine for me on every device and browser I tried it so far. Because I cannot reproduce it, I can't really debug it, let alone fix it.

This also hints it only affects some users and not that many.

The code

This is the code building the years/months/days data structure:

// Layout: years => [months => [days]]
let years = {}
for (
    let d = this.startDate;
    d <= this.endDate;
    d.setDate(d.getDate() + 1)
) {
    let date = new Date(d)
    if (years[date.getFullYear() + ''] === undefined) {
        years[date.getFullYear() + ''] = {}
    if (
        years[date.getFullYear() + ''][date.getMonth() + ''] ===
    ) {
        years[date.getFullYear() + ''][date.getMonth() + ''] = []
    years[date.getFullYear() + ''][date.getMonth() + ''].push(date)
    this.fullWidth += this.dayWidth
this.$set(this, 'days', years) // I know, that variable name doesn't make any sense

Which I am then showing the user like this:

<template v-for="(y, yk) in days">
    <div :key="yk + 'year'" class="months">
            :key="mk + 'month'"
            v-for="(m, mk) in days[yk]"
                new Date(
                    new Date(yk).setMonth(mk),
                ).toLocaleString('en-us', {month: 'long'})
            {{ new Date(yk).getFullYear() }}
            <div class="days">
                    :class="{ today: d.toDateString() === now.toDateString() }"
                    :key="dk + 'day'"
                    :style="{ width: dayWidth + 'px' }"
                    v-for="(d, dk) in days[yk][mk]"
                    <span class="theday" v-if="dayWidth > 25">
                        {{ d.getDate() }}
                    <span class="weekday" v-if="dayWidth > 25">
                        {{ d.toLocaleString('en-us', {weekday: 'short'}) }} 

The full code of the component is here.

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The issue is with

new Date(new Date(yk).setMonth(mk))

You expect for instance for new Date(new Date(2021, 11, 31).setMonth(8)) it will be the end of September 2021? Nope. It will be 1th of October because September does not have 31 days and only 30.

The date yk should be the first day of each month to modify a month correctly.

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