Most of our Eclipse projects have multiple source folders, for example:

  • src/main/java
  • src/test/java

When you right-click on a class and choose New JUnit Test, the default source folder for the new test is "src/main/java" (presumably the first source folder listed in the project properties).

Is there any way to change the default source folder for new JUnit tests, so that when I do the above action, the new test will be created in say the "src/test/java" folder by default?


I use moreUnit, an Eclipse plugin to assist writing unit tests. Among other features, it lets you configure the default source folder of tests.



Unless you change the plugin code, the default source folder is always the same as that containing the class you right clicked on (not necessarily the first source folder listed). I agree, it would be nice to be able to change it!


Now you can use my fast code eclipse plug-in. With this plug-in you can configure the test path to be src/test/java only once. It also has a jump to the unit test feature. It is available at : http://fast-code.sourceforge.net/.

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