How can I achieve hot deployment with Intellij-IDEA and Seam 2?

I've set up a separate module to deploy hot deployable class files to WEB-INF/dev/, but it still deploys as one big clump.

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Steps to get hot deployment with Intellij-IDEA and Jboss: (This is assuming your WAR project already deploys from an exploded directory successfully)

  1. Create a new module and move your hot source folder into it.
  2. Open your primary module settings and add your new hot-module as a new dependency.
  3. Open the web-facet of your primary module, and in Modules and Libraries to package click 'add', 'add module'. change its 'output relative path' to WEB-INF/dev
  4. Edit your run configuration and enable 'Build on frame deactivation'.
  5. Run the server.

Now, whenever you alt-tab out of IDEA, your views and seam POJO controllers are redeployed automatically.

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