I'm using dotnet swagger cli to make a swagger definition file for an ASP.NET 5.0 web api, and using nswag to generate C# client classes, but I've run into a snag. I want all my reference types to be nullable, unless they're marked with Required. For my primitive fields it just follows C# convetions whether it's nullable or not, but my references don't get marked with nullable:true in the swagger definition.

I've tried serializing as V2 instead, but then it just makes everything nullable, which I also don't want.

I'm using the following CLI command right now:

dotnet swagger tofile --serializeasv2 --output $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\nswag\swagger.json project.dll v1" ConsoleToMSBuild="true" WorkingDirectory="$(OutputPath)"
  • Could you give an example of swagger cli command you've used? Commented Sep 8, 2021 at 6:32
  • > I want all my reference types to be nullable, unless they're marked with Required. May I ask why? Commented Nov 8, 2021 at 11:58

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Well, I don't know how to implement exactly the behavior you've mentioned.
Would it suffice to have nullable properties in API project staying the same(nullable) in generated code?

To do so, you can add this into you API project

services.AddSwaggerGen(c =>

and then enable the following option in NSwag generator: generateNullableReferenceTypes=true.

This option looks like "Generate Nullable Reference Type..." in "DTO Classes" section in NswagStudio UI.

I think this approach should also work with swagger cli

  • Thanks, that is what I've been looking for so far. Commented Jan 28 at 14:18

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